Structual scheme

Documentation management system of the arresting gear parameters is created on the base of the “TESTER” type airborne recorder jointly with stationary shipborne system “TOPAZ-MK”. It provides:
- registration, processing and documentation of the information concerning arresting gear parameters;
it is aimed for:
- arresting gear technical state control, saving of information regarding arresting gear stress loading during the operating period.

After the flight an operator performs rewriting of the obtained information to “TOPAZ-MK” system using “Adapter T-23LK” device. Following which the data are processed with special software “CKAT”.

"Proximate Analysis Blank” containing information on the arresting gear parameters and their maximal values registered in the period of the flying duty is derived to the operator.

"Proximate Analysis Blank” of arresting gear parameters
Documentation management system of arresting gear parameters in real time

Besides, it is also performed:

  • documentation of the flying relief and “TOPAZ-MK” operator identification data;
  • documentation of the text information on the maximal values of the arresting gear registered analogous parameters for the braking period;
  • displaying of the graphical and text information on the arrested gear selected parameters;
  • saving results of processing on "TOPAZ-MK” system hard disk.

Currently “TOPAZ-MK” system can successfully operate jointly with a documentation management system of the arresting gear parameters either in real time or in automated control system mode.

Information on the arresting gear parameters fixed during a shipborne airplane landing is directly transmitted from “TESTER” type airborne recorder to “TOPAZ-MK” system where it is processed and registered.

At once after landing text and graphical information regarding arresting gears run is displayed, thus permitting an operator to make a rapid decision on the technical readiness of arresting gears to provide a subsequent landing.