Mobile system "Topaz-M" on the basis of notebook-type personal computer is designed for operation at objective control laboratories or near the aircraft.


General software: Windows XP Pro, MS Office XP Pro (MS Office 2003 Pro).
Special software: "СКАТ" as configured by Customer.
Workstation comprising:
- System board with built-in integrating controller, audio and video adapters.
- Central processing unit (minimum 1.6 GHz ).
- Random access memory (minimum 512 Мb).
- Hard disk drive (minimum 80 Gb).
- 3.5" floppy disk drive (1.44 Mb).
- Build-in video card (minimum64 Mb).
- Keyboard.
- Touchpad.
- CD-ROM drive.
- LC-display.
- Read-write device PCMCIA.
- Printer (A4).
- Power-line filter.
Operational documents and spare parts.

Additional equipment (options):

Rewriting device "Adapter T-23LK".
USB interface card.
Module UVS-3M.
Rewriting device USI-TMB.


  AC supply voltage (V)
  AC supply frequency (Hz)
  Power consumption from DC supply line (kW), maximum
up to 0,1
  Time of operation from internal storage battery (minutes), minimum
  Time of system readiness for operation (minutes), maximum
up to 5
  Time of continuous operation (hours), minimum

Operating conditions:

  Operating ambient temperature (°C)
 Limiting temperature in deenergized state (°C)
  Relative humidity at t=+25°C (%)
up to 80
  Atmospheric pressure (mm Hg)
up to 455
  Atmospheric pressure when transported by air (mm Hg)
up to 170