29K01 module is designed for flight data transfer from KARAT-B-29K-01 onboard monitoring and recording system,
installed on Yak-130 aircraft.

29K01 module has been designed by Topaz enterprise in order to provide Yak-130 aircraft normal operation.

29K01 module provides for:

  • input of service parameters, identification data and calibration characteristics into KARAT-B-29K-01 system;
  • review of built-in test results of KARAT-B-29K-01 system;
  • flight data transfer from KARAT-B-29K-01 system recorders to Topaz-M system workstation hard disk;
  • real-time review of parametric data received by KARAT-B-29K-01 system (analogue signals, MKIO and DPK parameters, binary commands).


  Overall dimensions (mm)
  Weight (kg)
  Power supply (V)
  Current consumption (A)
0,5 at most
  Continuous operation time
not limited

Connection of KARAT-B-29K-01 system to Topaz-M system through 29K01 module