"Adapter T-23LK" is designed to rewrite flight information from airborne flight data recorders of "Tester" type to a flash disk of PCMCIA standard for further processing by ground-based system "Topaz-M".

"Adapter T-23LK" has been developed by AO "NPP "Topaz" to supersede morally obsolete electromechanical flight data rewriting and reproducing equipment "Obzor-M" which utilizes lavsan-based magnetic tape as information-carrying media.

The use of rewriting device "Adapter T-23LK" as a part of system "Topaz-M" in place of equipment "Obzor-M" makes it possible:

  • to improve reliability and reduce costs;
  • to increase the level of flight data processing validity due to decreasing the number of malfunctions in rewriting;
  • to eliminate scheduled and preventive maintenance work;
  • to reduce weight and overall dimensions;
  • to reduce energy consumption.


"Adapter T-23LK"
  Weight (kg)
maximum 70,5
maximum 3,5
  Overall dimensions (mm)
  Volume of recorded flight data (hours)
at least 3
at least 12
  Information-carrying media
tape cassette BK-2
flash disk PCMCIA
  Mean time between failures (hours)