The primary products of the company are the ground and the shipborne flight information processing systems “Topaz-M” and “Topaz-MK”, designed for objective control of aircraft technical conditions and actions of an aircrew.
USB interface card
The USB interface card is supplied in series as a part of system "Topaz-M", in the form of a remote small-size unit. The card provides for interfacing of the system with ground-based flight data reproducing devices which are completed with magnetic tape drives. This universal card is programmed for all types of reproducing devices for flight data recorders in service of the Russian Federation aviation. The functional interfacing is achieved by connecting the card to the USB-port of system "Topaz-M" and to a reproducing device by means of two special bundled cables.


  Overall dimensions (mm) 140x110х35
  Weight (kg) 0,2
  Power supply from USB port
  Power consumption (W) 1
  Time between failures (hours) 10000
  Time of continuous operation  not limited
Reproducing devices of flight data recorders, which are connected to USB interface card
The device overwriting flight information