Implementation of the special software to monitor engine RD-33 technical condition provides:

  1. The fullest realization of the aircraft engine endurance capabilities at minimum maintenance charges.
  2. Planning of the preventive measures for maintenance operations of the aircraft engine monitored systems.
  3. Flight safety imprinting on account of the new higher level quality of BUR data completeness and reliability software processing.
  4. Early warning of aircraft engine systems fore-incident states.

Information support of RD-33 engine condition maintenance process is based on:

Metrological support
  1. Reconsideration of calibration workings technology to measuring experiment enabling to provide acquisition of closed to true characteristics of transducers and measuring channels.
  2. Calibration data processing using optimal estimate procedures in order to get closed to true characteristics of transducers and measuring channels.
  3. Validity check of passport and formulary data.
  4. Problem formulation in order to monitor transducers condition both independently and as a whole with decision making of the aircraft engineering monitored systems estimation problems.
Mathematical support
  1. Decomposition of complicated systems into observed "input-output" components, in order to describe separate subsystems, units and modules.
  2. Application of monitored systems adequate mathematical models with optimal to the respect of their complexity structure.
  3. Problem formulation in order to control system condition as an observing process monitoring a trajectory of its adequate athematical model identified factors.
  4. Application of nonlinear trend and forecasting models that could adequately describe the process of monitored systems change of state.


  1. Problem formulation in order to control systems in common with OKB -aircraft systems designers and Customer Institutes using exploitation and test experience.
  2. Preparation of supplements to Operation Manual explaining application of the results of the monitoring of the aircraft engineering systems. Preparation of the monitored aircraft engineering systems original knowledge base.
  3. Exploitation escorting of objective control systems that provide aircraft maintenance information support. Increase of knowledge base and creation of decision making expert system.