AO "NPP "Topaz"

Closed Joint-Stock Company "Scientific Production Enterprise "Topaz" (hereinafter referred to as AO "NPP "Topaz") is engaged in development and production of hardware and software used for objective control support of ground-based and carrier-based aircraft (A/C) for military and civil aviation of Russia and foreign customers.


AO "NPP "Topaz" was founded in 1992. Enterprise development was simultaneous with formation of new approaches to aircraft equipment operation and new flight safety concept.

In the nineties, the enterprise, one of the first in Russia, had developed and started up serial production of the PC-assisted flight data processing devices. Flight data processing system "Topaz" had successfully passed the governmental tests and was accepted for delivery to aviation of the services of the Russian Federation Armed Forces.

Equipage of using organizations with systems "Topaz-M" has made it possible to considerably decrease costs of delivery, repair and maintenance of ground-based data processing units, as well as costs of training of flying and maintenance personnel.

"СКАТ" system

"СКАТ" software is designed for rewriting, storing and decoding of flight data, irrespective of types of flight data recorders (BUR) and aircraft (A/C).


The primary products of the company are the ground and the shipborne flight information processing systems “Topaz-M” and “Topaz-MK”, designed for objective control of aircraft technical conditions and actions of an aircrew.

Company AO "NPP "Topaz" successfully operates in the aviation sector for over 25 years.


Flight data processing by means of system "Topaz-M" provides for solution of the following tasks:

  • Analysis of technical condition of aircraft systems and units in flight performed.
  • Analysis of completeness, sequence and quality of the flight task accomplished by the pilot (flight crew) with indication of events of violation of flight performance limitations.
  • Control of completeness and quality of aircraft preparation for flight.
  • Collection of data on in-flight performance and technical condition of aircraft systems and units and pilot?s (flight crew?s) procedures for further statistical processing.
  • Diagnostics and forecasting of the state of aircraft, its systems and equipment to provide for adequacy of input data for the logistic support system.
  • Information support of aviation accident investigation.

The number of sold systems "Topaz-M"

In 2010
In 2012
In 2014
In 2016

Software “CKAT”

In 2001, a new software version for system "Topaz-M" – "Aircraft control system" ("СКАТ") – has been developed. This software version made it possible to implement a concept of construction of modern unified flight data processing and analyzing systems for any types of aircraft of civil, commercial and experimental aviation at any aerodrome or aboard any aircraft carrier.

The "СКАТ" software has been certified by the National Air Transportation Flight Safety Center for application at RF airline enterprises with the view of processing flight data of civil aviation aircraft.

At the present day, AO "NPP "Topaz" is a leader of aviation organizations of the RF Armed Forces services in the field of development, production and modernization of flight data processing systems.

Software "СКАТ" has been developed with the use of advanced software production technologies and constructed on a modular principle, which allows its adaptation for flight data processing in newly developed flight data recorders of prospective aircraft systems. The built-in automated programming tools enable the operator to synthesize recorded parameters into designed ones by their own algorithms, thereby providing the secondary processing of any complexity.